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Gaza Opportunity
Publication date: 2024-01-24

Ending the Middle East Conflict in 2024

Now, after the Hamas raid on Israel on 7 October 2023 and the Israeli decision to destroy Hamas in response1 to it, which has resulted in over 25,000 deaths and destruction of much of Gaza, world leaders are talking about ending the Middle East Conflict by creation of a Palestinian State.

To make the "2-state solution" work would need (1) ending the present hostilities, (2) removal of all the Israeli presence from the areas of Palestine occupied by Israel in 1967, as per the UNSC Resolution 242 (1967), and (3) doing justice to the Palestinians displaced from their places of residence in 1948, as per the UN Resolution 191 (1948).

The US Government sees the present Gaza "crisis", as an "opportunity" to end the conflict by a 2-state solution, and some EU leaders are talking about ending the conflict, and so does the UN Secretary-General, but without implementing the above 3 measures the conflict will continue.

On the other hand, implementing it would be a move from "geopolitics", which inevitably leads to wars and conflicts, to a world order based on the UN Charter, which was created to end "geopolitics" and prevent another world war from happening again.

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1) The Israeli response to the Hamas attack by seeking to destroy it 100% to make Israel safe is similar to the US 9/11 response to destroy "terrorism" by the 2001 "War on Terror".

At that time we proposed a "preposterous" solution to the problem of "terrorism" - to appoint Osama bin Laden as "ambassador, representative and spokesman for all people who see themselves as victims of injustice at the hands of established governments".

A colleague of Tony Blair showed this proposal to him and asked: "Would not it work?".

"Yes, it would. But it would be 'humiliating' ", answered Blair.

Looking back at it now, has the "War on Terror" achieved its objectives? Was it not "humiliating"?

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