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Morality: Past & Present
Publication date: 2016-07-01

Morality: from its Origin to the Present Day

From times immemorial people were aware that something within themselves drives them to actions the results of which are harmful either to themselves as individuals or to the human group to which they belong, or even to all of the Human Species. And they tried to identify the sources of these drives and to find ways of protecting themselves from these harmful urges and desires.

Thus, in all societies we find the concept of “Evil”, and ascription of the source of this Evil to “evil spirits”, or “the Devil” (Satan, Shaytan).

These harmful actions were called “sins” (i.e. moral wrongs), and were punished in the sinner's lifetime and were promised to be punished in “Eternal Fire” (Hell) after his death.

By contrast, acts beneficial to the human group were called “virtues”, and were rewarded in this life and were promised “Paradise Eternal” after their death.

But even such combination of punishments and rewards did not prevent people from experiencing “sinful” urges and desires, and they were taught prayers and supplications to help them overcome such evil thoughts and impulses, and, if any sins were committed, to ask God for forgiveness.

These prayers were recited at regular intervals a few times a day, and, whenever one was aware of any sinful thoughts or feelings within oneself, one would recite supplications appealing to God for protection from the “Whisperings of the Devil”.

And this struggle with the “Temptations of the Devil” continued throughout a person's life. This internal struggle with the evil side of human nature is the essence of all the major religions and has formed the basis of social morality till the Second Millennium.

By the Second Millennium, due to obsolescence of some religious beliefs and corruption of religious institutions, religion began to lose its influence and was replaced with Atheism and Agnosticism.

At the same time aristocratic monarchies, in which the upper classes were setting the standards for the rest of the people, began to be replaced with electoral democracies, in which various political parties were seeking to put themselves into positions of power and impose their standards and values on the rest of the population.

And, as, in the short term, it is easier to become “popular” by pandering to vices, than to struggle against them and to promote virtues, the new democratic Political and Cultural Establishment began to glamorize and encourage base human instincts, and use them to place themselves into positions of power.

The “role model” of a “Gentleman”, has been replaced with the role model of a “Yob”. In stead of looking up to “their betters”, people began to be encouraged to follow “their worst”, as evidenced by the motto: “Don't keep up with the Joneses, drag them down to your level!”.

And a few generations of young people grew up worshipping “pop stars” who were screaming obscenities into a microphone and convulsing to the “beat” of cacophonic music. And most of these “stars” were openly indulging in all kinds of sexual depravities and were drug addicts or alcoholics.

Part of this process was the change in the view of the Human Reproductive Process not as a means of procreation, but as a means of entertainment, and the subsequent emergence of homosexual pressure groups. These groups were seeking to make homosexuality socially acceptable.

Today homosexual pressure groups have a dominant influence on the main political parties in Europe and the USA.

The vocabulary of the “homosexual underworld”, that is groups of homosexual prostitutes who used to hang around some “inner‐city” public toilets, has been adopted by government departments as official government vocabulary. Thus, some government forms contain boxes requesting to indicate a citizen's “sexual orientation” (“gay”, “straight”, “bi‐sexual”).

Children are encouraged to be “sexually active” (that is to masturbate individually or collectively) from the earliest age, and to discover their “sexual orientation”.

Thus, one nursery‐level child book published in Britain, contains a fairy tale about two kings who “liked each other” and “got married to each other”. The obvious “moral” of this “fairy tale” is that “marriage” between two males is “normal”, and children are expected to absorb this “morality” from pre‐school age.

Promotion of sexual depravity is part of the War on Terror ideology and practice, as was evidenced by the torture techniques used in this war. And, currently, homosexuality is actively encouraged in the armies of the main War‐on‐Terror countries.

And there are even attempts to make homosexuality acceptable in all the countries of the world. While any opposition to, or disapproval of, this “program” of Sodomization of Mankind is condemned as “prejudice” and “bigotry” by the Sodomitic Establishment.

Governments of countries where sodomy has become socially acceptable are seeking to promote such acceptability to other countries through propaganda by use of the media, diplomacy, and direct encouragement and support of homosexual pressure groups in these countries.

This spread of immorality is not limited to abuse of reproductive organs and emotions, but also manifests itself in blatant and brazen dishonesty among politicians and the media.

If, in the past, persons holding public office used to resign voluntarily, if their honesty had come to be questioned, today politicians whose honesty comes to be questioned brazenly brush off such accusations by changing the subject. And journalists say, “Don't we all tell lies?”, thus seeking to make dishonesty of politicians “socially acceptable”.

And at the international level whatever traces of International Law existed in the past have been replaced with brazen lawlessness, as exemplified by the US/EU wars of aggression justified by false arguments, which have lead to the present chaos in the Middle East.

This brazenly immoral behavior of the Establishment (people at the top of the society) leads to loss of trust of all the main political parties and the mainstream media. This is evidenced by the people increasingly turning away from the Establishment and voting for non‐establishment politicians, like Donald Trump in the USA, or “Brexit” in the UK, and similar tendencies in Continental Europe.

But these anti‐Establishment movements take on nationalist form, blaming foreign immigrants. And no movement to counter spread of immorality has emerged so far.

The Establishment parties, on their part, seek to cling to political power by seeking to change their leaders, while ignoring the causes of their loss of public trust — their own behavior.

So, the presently ongoing moral decay is to continue, at least in the near future.

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